Name: Thyra
Gender: Female
Species: Microraptor
Colors: Purple, crimson, turquoise
Interests: Meeting other tree friends, flying
Friends: Zephyr, Buttery
Enemies: .
Love interests:
First Appearance: TBA

Thyra is a fan character and the winner of AuroraFlaky's VOD on another wikia.

Characteristics and BiographyEdit

Thyra is a purple, crimson, and turquoise microraptor who won vote or die.

It is unknown why she exists when the rest of her species is dead, but rumors speculate that genetic experimentation was involved.

Thyra is unusally lucky. She can easily avoid danger due to this, but her luck can backfire, as it can harm those around her. This is mainly why she isolates herself from others. Due to a strange brain deformation, Thyra can go on a rampage when she is hungry. Combined with her luck, she can kill others for food and can do it quite successfully. Thus, she tries to keeps herself full.

Thyra can fly, but only for short distances. She is also colorblind and cannot see colors properly. The only colors she cannot see are shades of red and green.

For her age, Thyra is pretty energetic and hyperactive. She is also very friendly and very easily to make friends with. However, due to her luck, she is very isolated from others. She is an extrovert.






  • Thyra's eyes are different from other tree friends.
  • She is really good friends with Zephyr.
  • Luna has a grudge on her, but she doesn't notice.
  • Her name means goddess of wind in Greek.

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