Tiger General
Name: Tiger General
Gender: Male
Species: Tiger
Colors: Blue
Interests: War, Dictatorship
Friends: Unknown
Enemies: Flippy, Sneaky, all Tree Town soldiers
Love interests: Depends
First Appearance:


The Tiger General is a blue tiger and is Flippy's enemy in the W.A.R. He commands the Tiger Soldiers. He has a minor villain monocle and a metallic clamp in place of one of his hands that can cut through flesh and bone in one slice.

His base is the Tiger Base, located deep within the jungles, and he is in charge of his soldiers. All of his soldiers are Blue Tigers for some reason.





  • He is the first character to successfully cause Flippy pain and blood while he is flipped out.
  • Many fans give him a Adolf Hitler type personality for some reason, despite him not having been seen hardly at all in canon. (Though his army consisting of only Blue tigers could probably be seen similar to Hitler wanting a "master race" of only Blonde haired Blue eyed people.)

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