Tiny Peridot
Season: 2
Writer: Spongebobfan123
Length: 2:27
Death Count: 3

Tiny Peridot is a fan episode. In this episode, we find out that Peridot is secretly short.






Peridot is seen walking in the part when she ends up tripping over a rock. She falls down a small hill and Ringo sees her. We see Peridot getting up, but her attachments are gone and she shrieks. She watches as Ringo walks away with her prosthetics. She stands there angrily when Smiles walks up to her, and we see that Peridot is now much smaller. Smiles remarks how cute she looks and Peridot gets angry at him and starts to slap him. Smiles just laughs and backs away as Peridot burns herself out.

Peridot begins chasing after Ringo, but she has trouble with how short she is now. Snuffly bursts out of the eye doctors office and is flipped out. She laughs and throws a knife, which narrowly misses Peridot and hits Neon. He falls back in pain and on top of Peridot who gets angry and pushes him off. Evil Snuffly laughs at Peridot's short size and Peridot kicks her in the stomach sending her falling backwards. She hits her head on a pole which causes her to get dizzy and she stumbles into the street, getting hit by a car.

Peridot chases after Ringo and is distraught to see him heading towards the lake. Ringo walks in with Peridot's attachments and lets them sink to the bottom. Peridot yells in anger and slaps him, but is then horrified to see Sharky and Lapis at the lake. They stare in shock and then run up and hug her, much to Peridot's embarrassment. Ringo stupidly looks on from underwater until he finally drowns.


  • Neon is stabbed.
  • Snuffly is hit by a car
  • Ringo drowns


  • Smiles calling Peridot cute and then Peridot slapping him is homage to the original Steven Universe episode "Catch and Release" after Steven sees Peridot without her prosthetics.

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