Name: Tipper
Gender: Male
Species: Jackson Chameleon
Colors: Blue
Interests: Science, Drinking
Friends: Greg
Enemies: tba
Love interests: Mintly
First Appearance: Roadway Danger


Tipper is a light blue Jackson Chameleon that is a scientist. He wears a white coat and has bags under his eyes. He was revealed to be in the W.A.R. but is now retired. He is very smart however, he has a rather grumpy attitude. He is able to make amazing machines, but he uses them for his own laziness instead of to help others. He also drinks a lot, so in most of his roles he is often drunk. However he does have a soft side towards his family and close friends.

In most episodes however, he is shown to be actually very kind, despite his grumpy attitude. He is often concerned about other's well being, even if he acts cruel or uninterested.





  1. Burning Rubber - Electrocuted.


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