Name: Trenchfoot
Gender: Female
Species: Frog
Colors: Green and Blue
Interests: Hideaways, Mist, Archery
Friends: Tirek, Trailblazer
Enemies: tba
Love interests:  ???
First Appearance: tba


Trenchfoot is a green red eyed tree frog who fought in the war. She was very skilled at helping her teammates hide from tiger soldiers as well as helping to ration food and water.

Trenchfoot is a kind and friendly frog who lives in Tree Town. She enjoys baking, swimming, reading, and sculpting, usually by herself. She is very distant from others, but when she is with her friends she is very happy and active.

Not much is known about her time in the war, but she has developed PTSD from it. Surprisingly, despite never having gone to therapy, she can control it strangely well, avoiding killing others, and only becoming frightened or guilty. When she does flip out it's a bloody mess, but it is so rare that such occurrences are only in special episodes.





  • She is Pansexual, meaning that she will like anybody, but she seems to be drawn to and trust other girls more.
  • Her name refers to a wartime medical condition, in which soldiers feet became swelled and infected from sitting too long in wet or damp trenches.

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