Name: Twix
Gender: Female
Species: Squirrel/Moose hybrid
Colors: Light green, blonde
Interests: Candy
Friends: Treasure
Enemies: .
Love interests: None
First Appearance: TBA

Twix is apart of Generation Omega, a Next Generation series created by User:SilentNinja2501.

About Edit

Twix is very happy-go-lucky, and has a major sweet tooth. She loves eating candy, and would eat every meal, if her father, Lumpy, would let her. She is a love bug, and enjoys the company of her fathers very much.

Relationships Edit

With Nutty Edit

Nutty is her motherly-father, or, as her brothers call him, "dad-mom". She loves Nutty, and often follows him wherever she is allowed.

With Lumpy Edit

Twix thinks her father is "no fun" and a "big meanie", because he won't let her eat sweets, and fulfill her sweet tooth. Not that she hates him per se, but she gets along better with Nutty.

Additonal Info Edit

  • She is obviously named after the famous candy, Twix

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