Season: Love Bites
Writer: Spongebobfan123
Length: 1:15
Death Count: 0

Un-bare-able is a love bites.





Peridot is seen working in Sharky's house when Lapis and Sharky come up behind her. They appear to be trying to get Peridot's attention, but Peridot brushes them off. Sharky and Lapis frown and leave the room.

We see Peridot working when she hears a whistle. She turns around and sees Sharky and Lapis standing in front of her. The two girls decide to show Peridot something "new" and they appear to take off their clothing. Peridot's eyes widen and she blushes as censor bars appear over Sharky and Lapis. She squeals and covers her mouth and begins to get a massive nosebleed, before falling to the floor. Sharky grows concerned and turns around to leave, as Peridot laughs weakly at seeing her behind.




  • Peridot collapses after getting a nosebleed.


  • This Love Bite proves that HTFs do wear clothes that blend in with fur.
  • This is the second time when a HTF is seen without his or her "invisible" clothes. The first was "You're Baking Me Crazy" when Lumpy wasn't wearing a shirt or a pair of pants. However, his fur is colored lighter underneath the invisible clothes.
  • Peridot apparently finds rear ends to be funny.

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