Under Cone-trol
Season: 2
Writer: SupersquirrelSplendont
Length: 2:45
Death Count: 2






At an ice cream shop, Hypno walks in and orders ice cream from Cro-Marmot. Not quite satisfied with his snack, he attempts to hypnotize Cro-Marmot to get more scoops, but ends up failing for obvious reasons.

Flare walks by with an ice cream cone of his own. Hypno taps his shoulder and he turns to him. He falls into a trance by looking at Hypo's nose. Hypno commands him give him the ice cream cone and he does so. He enjoys it so much that he commands Flare to get more. He goes around taking ice cream snacks away from customers.

Nutty and Lammy appear to be on a date, with vanilla ice cream on the table, until Flare takes it and leaves. Lammy yells at the thief, only to be bitten by Nutty who mistakes her sweater for ice cream. Gerrit scoops out a piece of a sundae which he proceeds to eat, but Flare swipes the spoon and he bites his hand by mistake.

All the stolen treats are given to Hypno, who eventually gets bloated from his eating habits. He decides to end the trance with a tap of his hooves. Flare returns to his normal self, but slips over a puddle from the ice cream cone in his hand. His cone flies into Hypno, popping him when the pointed end pierces his belly. Blood and ice cream cover the shop as a result of his demise.

Flare looks on in confusion as Flaps licks an ice cream cone.


  • Lammy is bitten by Nutty and bleeds out.
  • Hypno explodes.


  • Gerrit bites his hand.

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