Unicellular Organism Friends is a spinoff created by User:AuroraFlaky.


In this spinoff, instead of animals and invertebrates, it involves single celled organisms like bacteria, viruses, etc. It can also involve cells and diseases.

In episodes, the characters are usually in the water or inside someone.


Coming soon, still thinking of some

  • Lacto - A Lactobacillus bacteria. He is shown to try to do good deeds since he is a healthy bacteria. Teria tries to prevent the "bad guys" from harming the body he is living at.
  • Whitey - A white blood cell who is larger than most of the characters. He is actually very lazy and ends up harming the body instead of saving it.
  • Porky - A pork tape worm. She is very violent and kills her victims gruesomely. She is very sadistic. She is similar to Evil Flippy.
  • Monia - A bacteria pneumonia that wants to be good like Teria, but she harms more than she helps. She is very extroverted.
  • Scrawly- A Ebola virus that is small, tiny, and shy, however he is the main leader of the group.PROBS NOT He is likely based on Flaky but also Handy since he grunts whenever he forgets that he is deadly.
  • Anthrax - A long red skinny bacteria that is based off Flippy. He causes the sickness of the same name.
  • Hidey - A small bacteria that causes the illness of the same name. He is based on Flaky as he has strong social anxiety and oftentimes gets so nervous he hides.
  • Bubonic - An old bacteria that has a grumpy attitude, whom is based on Truffles. He is the virus that caused the black death back in the dark ages, thus explaining his old age.





  • This spinoff is based on the creators interest in illnesses.

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