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  • HTForever333

    Episode Ideas...

    December 15, 2016 by HTForever333

    So here are some episode ideas I have that I want to write, but I need to know if it's ok with you guys to use your characters and these are short summaries of episodes I want to make.

    Tirek lets Lapis borrow his laptop to use photoshop but Lapis accidentally finds his "other" files.

    Staring: Lapis, Tirek Featuring: Sharky, DarkFire, Xyloid Appearances: Sharpshot, Wolfle, Toothy

    Sobek wants to star in his own monster movie so he asks Laurens if he can help.

    Staring: Sobek, Laurens Featuring: Lovely, Eydie, Lucky Appearances: Puffy, Sweetheart, Screw, Flaky, Mime, Lammy

    Flaps (My Mutant Bat OC) wants to try and help Screw learn how to ice skate.

    Staring: Flaps, Screw Featuring: None Appearances: Nimesha, Flaky, Giggles, Calmy

    A game on the boardwalk goe…

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  • HTForever333

    The winner is Bray!

    Thanks for voting everyone and Merry Christmas.

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  • HTForever333

    A VOD...

    December 20, 2015 by HTForever333

    Well I decided to come back since it's getting more active here again... I made two new characters that you can vote for, so here they are.

    Bray is a green elephant who likes to cook. Instead of usual treats however, he is known for using inedible objects to make food and thus, confusing others and killing those who dare to eat his concoctions. Even when he makes a normal looking meal there is usually something strange hidden inside of it.

    He doesn't do this to harm others, as he genuinely thinks that he is being creative.

    Rip is a red-ish hedgehog, who has a few injuries on her body. It's not known how she got these injuries but like Handy and Russell, they are always present. She is known for being extremely accident prone and clumsy, const…

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