I'm going to have a little contest of sorts...well, it's not really a contest but it's more of a challenge. Since it's October, Halloween is coming up and I want to make some Halloween episodes.

The Challenge

The challenge is...Create a character based on your greatest fear. or it can be any fear that you have. Turn it into a scary/horror themed character and I might make a Halloween episode out of it! They can be actual characters or they can be cameo characters that you just want to make for show.

Some Rules

  • Make it unique! I'm pretty sure all of us here are afraid of death! Try to pick a more specific fear, it'll make it more interesting.
  • Follow general wiki rules! So no humans, no stealing designs etc...
  • Deadline is October 10th or so! After that i'll be creating episodes. If you want to make an episode with your character, let me know!
  • Have fun!

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