Name: Ventura
Gender: male
Species: raven
Colors: black
Interests: bio-terrorism, chemical weapons, Mexico
Friends: Agony
Enemies: Tromp, Venice
Love interests:
First Appearance:
Ventura is a oc by User:Fenton Menace.

Biography Edit

He was born in Mexico, his life was decent up until Tromp became president. Afterwards, he declared war after they refused to pay for the wall. Mexico unsurprisingly lost due to the USA's power, and they were forced to pay for the wall. He moved to the United States and became a bio-terrorist.

As time went by, people feared the man under the name of "Dr. Death." The FBI is currently searching for him, but they have no evidence.

Appearance Edit

He wears a white plague doctor beak, dark green robes, and a black hat.

Personality Edit

Ventura isn't committing terrorist attacks just to kill innocents to make them afraid, he rather is committing them so the people of America will hear his message and realize what Tromp has done to Mexico and it's people. Which he seems to carry remorse over the innocents who died, but he knew its the only way to challenge Tromp and his promises, since he promised to make the country great again and protect it from terrorism.

Ventura deeply cares about his older adopted sister, and he misses her. A while after he got in contact with Venice, he realized Agony, the first living thing that Venice created, was his sister. He was enraged but did nothing because Vencie was the only person who could supply him the chemicals.

Relationships Edit

Agony Edit

Ventura deeply cares about Agony, and calls her Valeria, but Agony when she or her master are present. Ventura knows shes in pain due to Venice's augments, and Venice refusing to change the augments to relieve her from the pain. Ventura wants to fix her augments, but he doesn't know how to do so properly. Ventura wants to kill Agony to end her suffering. But he can't, either he is unable to kill his sister, or he wants her to hear about her attackers being killed by Ventura (despite the fact they're still alive and free)

Tromp Edit

Ventura hates and despises Tromp. But he doesn't want to kill him since he has a family, and Ventura has a family as well. But, Ventura wants the public to protest against Tromp and try to encourage an impeachment. He does this by committing terrorist attacks to test Tromp's promises to protect the people from terrorism and to improve the country.

Venice Edit

Ventura used to respect Venice, until he realized his living creation was his sister. Ventura then hated Venice, but refuses to kill him yet since he needs the chemicals from Venice for his terrorist attacks. However, once the people start to turn against Tromp, Ventura will then kill Venice.

Trivia Edit

  • He has a latin name despite being from Mexico, its unknown if his parents speak latin or if he knows latin.
  • His theme is Skyrunner-

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