Name: Vixen
Gender: Female
Species: Fox/Mouse hybrid
Colors: Dark orange, blonde
Interests: Saving the world
Friends: Taurus(depends)
Enemies: Chipper
Love interests: Taurus(ex-boyfriend)
First Appearance: TBA
Vixen is apart of Generation Omega, a Next Generation series created by User:SilentNinja2501.

About Edit

Vixen is known to be girly in certain situations, such as trying to hook her siblings up with her friends or other members of the Next Generation. However, she knows when to become more stern and "hardcore", like when she is trying to save the world.

Vixen is a well-known local superhero. She tends to hang around banks, considering many robbers strike there.

Relationships Edit

With Wonder Wanda Edit

Vix was taught at a young age by her mother how to control her powers. Now that Vixen is much older, she moved out of her parents' house. Their relationship is strong.

With Mouse Ka-Boom Edit

Vixen liked watching her father make all sorts of bombs and explosives, growing up, but they grew apart once Vix began learning her powers.

With Maria Edit

Being her only sister, Vix likes teaching and spending time with Maria. They mostly spend their time talking about other Tree Friends their age, trash-talking Poppy and other various sisterly activities.

With Ruse Edit

Vix often helps Ruse improve his fencing skills, and Ruse gives his older sister confidence about some situations.

With Juke Edit

Vixen is often annoyed by her younger brother, and his constant pranks. He, of course, hides various explosives throughout the house and waits patiently for one of his siblings to walk by and trigger one. Vix is his most frequent victim.

With Tod Edit

Vixen cares for her younger brother, mainly because he is deaf, and does not have very high confidence in himself. She helps keep him in check, and make sure he is feeling alright.

With Renard Edit

Though Ren is 17 years old, Vix still calls him her "baby bro". They possibly have the closest and best relationship out of all the siblings.

Trivia Edit

  • She is 26 years old
  • Her name is the female name for a fox

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