What a Painty Mess
DarkFire Lucky
Season: 2
Writer: TreeFriendUser111
Length: 2:45
Death Count: 3





Lumpy is seen teaching an art class and everyone gets out paint. Spiney paints a flower and Lucky paints a house. A bang on the door is heard and everyone looks in shock. Hearing DarkFire growl everyone screams and tries to barricade the door.

The door bursts open however, and DarkFire slips on some paint buckets. Angry he gets up as everyone scrambles. He grabs Sharky and throws her across the room. Darkfire leaps into the air after Lucky and tackles him. Lucky is unharmed and Darkfire instead kills Skittles and Lammy by stabbing them.

Lumpy tries to stop Darkfire by splashing even more paint on him. This fails however and Darkfire tries to stab Sharky with a paint brush. Suddenly, Darkfire is hit in the back of the head with a small sculpture by Blu. Darkfire collapses and Blu looks on heroically. Lumpy splashes paint on him however, as the episode ends.


  • Skittles and Lammy are stabbed to death.
  • Darkfire likely gets fatal brain damage.

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