Won't Be Home For Christmas
Season: Music Video
Writer: Spongebobfan123
Length: 3:17
Death Count: 2






Blink 182 - I Won't Be Home For Christmas


The video starts at the night sky, with a group of Tree Friends walking down a street. They are revealed to be Dino, Gerrit, Lapis, Sharky, and Flaky. Missingno is seen inside his house, which has no decorations, and even a toppled and burnt tree.

As the lyrics start the carolers begin singing and Missingno stomps outside with an annoyed look. He winces, and then glances at Stella who is on his porch for some reason. Through flashbacks we see Missingno's hate for Christmas. As the carolers continue to sing louder as Missingno forces a smile. We see his smile turn genuine though, as his pupils then dilate and he flips out.

Lapis notices, and is able to sprout her water wings, carrying Sharky to safety. During the song's chorus, Missingno charges at the remaining carolers with a baseball bat. He breaks Gerrit's jaw, and bashes Flaky's brains out while Dino is able to flee. Missingno breaths heavily as Stella watches in horror.

Missingo reverts back to normal, confused and unaware of what he's done as the cops arrive. The cop figures taze him and drag him into the cop car as Stella watches sadly.

In the jail cell, Missingo is sent in and he frowns sadly. He decides to take off his army jacket, unaware that Truffles is also in the same cell. Truffles laughs pervishly as Missingno blushes. We see in flashbacks that Truffles' dislikes Christmas as well so he and Missingno awkwardly shake hands.

Back at Missingo's house, Stella frowns sadly as she leaves a present at Missingno's doorstop.


  • Gerrit's jaw is broken
  • Flaky has her brains bashed out


  • Missingo is tazed

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