Zephyr Mosca Nova
Name: Zephyr Mosca Nova
Gender: Female
Species: Wolpertinger
Colors: Salmon, white
Interests: Japanese culture, singing, making people happy, bright clothing, raves
Friends: Many, as she thinks that most of the population like her
Enemies: tba
Love interests: Daniel
First Appearance: tba

Zephyr is a salmon and white wolpertinger who is a singer. She is the adoptive sister of Zelena.

Characteristics and BiographyEdit

Since Zephyr is a talented singer. Sometimes, she sings while Zelena is DJing, kinda like a duet. She can also speak in many difference languages, like spanish, japanese, french, swedish, portuguese, etc.

Zephyr has the ability to manipulate light, mostly visible light. She can use this power to turn invisible, create visual illusions, holograpic projections, and even move at light-speed. She can also manipulate color as well, which she can use to change the color of her fur.

Zephyr is also a raver and thus likes wearing bright clothing. She also loves parties and almost always attends them. She also has an obsession with japanese culture and often uses japanese honorifics.

Despite these, Zephyr was abused as a child, emotionally, physically, and even sexually. As a result, this has given her Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. When she gets a flashback, she becomes a completely different person.


Zephyr is very hyperactive and happy-go-lucky. She tries her best to be positive and make people happy. She doesn't like it when people get depressed and tries her best to cheer them up. She is very cheerful and open-minded. She is also optimistic and believes anyone can change.

Many tree friends find her very annoying due to her behavior and how extroverted she is.

When Zephyr has a flashback, however, she becomes a completely different person. She becomes more hostile and scared of others.


Zephyr is a salmon-colored wolpertinger with white inner ears, stomach marking, bottom of her tail, and feathers. She has white hair with orange, lime green, indigo, and turquoise highlights. Her eyes are a purplish-magenta. Her horns are orange.

Since Zephyr is a raver, Zephyr wears a variety of clothing and make up. She has a rainbow top, a lime-green fluffy vest, jeans with orange markings on it, a blue band on her left ear and a green band on her right ear, 3 dark cyan earrings on each ear, orange bands on the top of her arms, a purple bead bracelet and a silver-colored bracelet with two purple stars on her left wrist, and a black bracelet and a yellow beaded star bracelet on her right wrist. She wears rainbow on the sides of her checks, has dark cyan eye shadow, and orange eye shadow on the bottom of her eyes.






  • Zephyr is 18 years old and was born on June 12th.
  • She was originally not japanese and was just obsessed with it, but it was changed.
  • She is mostly based on Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

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